Harrier Temperament and Lifespan

Harrier looks like a strong, toned, medium-sized, well-balanced hunter. These dogs are fast and hardy, industrious, focused during the hunt, not distracted. They clearly are on the trail, thanks to its responsive nose. In addition, Harrier is independent and inquisitive.

Harrier in the house is a patient, well-mannered, cheerful dog. It loves to play with children, to accompany them on the walk. Since this is a gregarious dog, it gets along with other dogs easily and lives with them in perfect harmony. Harrier does not like cats. From loneliness and lack of attention Harrier is literally ready to climb the walls. It spoils the furniture, incessantly barking and howling.

These dogs are very sociable, but it may seem strange but they prefer society of dogs to people. While this does not mean that Harrier doesn't love its family with all its heart. This dog breed always relates to strangers with a grain of salt, it is quite possible to entrust it the protection of your house. The dogs of this breed live about 12-14 years.

How Much Does a Harrier Cost and Price Range

The average price for a Harrier starts from $400 to $800. Usually the price depends on the breeder, his location and the dog's quality. The higher price is for breed or show quality.

Harrier Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Strong, muscular dog with the height that is not less than 33 cm and not more than 40 cm. Bright elegant color always attracts attention. In most cases there is possible to find 3-color, 2-color rarer. The coat is short, shiny and tight, which has a truly unique property that doesn't get wet in the rain and perfectly protects the animal from cold. The weight of dogs is about 28 kg.

Harrier Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Harrier is extremely popular in the US, but by an origin it is the English breed, and the first mention of it relates to 1260. Word-Norman French word means "hunting dog"; in due time all the hunting dogs in the UK were called the Harrier. Originally it was bred for hunting foxes and rabbits, Harrier received additional "specialty" in South America and in Sri Lanka: it is used to hunt in prey on jaguars and leopards. They are also successfully used for competitions on the trail blazed by the speed.

Harrier or hare hound is a breed of hunting dogs which appeared in England. Initially they were used as highly specialized hunters for birds. The breed standard was adopted in 1974. The dog distinguishes with endurance energy in a combination of a good and obedient character. It is not convenient to keep the dog at the apartment as it needs a minimum of heavy loads, as well as a maximum - a permanent part in the hunt.