Chartreux Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Chartreux cats are loyal and affectionate cats with a character reminiscent of a dog. This quiet cat has a soft, small voice that's funny, because of their large size and muscular physique. However, Chartreuse prefers to purr rather than meow.

Not as active as some other breeds, chartreux is calm and confident animal. Cats of this breed are quite playful and retain this quality until their old age. Most of all them like toys in motion. They also love when an active role in the games is taken by their master.They adapt well to most conditions and can get used to being alone for long periods of time. Chartreux cats get along with children very well, and by the age of 4 - 5 years they become calmer. According to the statistics the life span is about 13-15 years.

How Much Does a Chartreux Cat Cost and Price Range

The price for Chartreux ranges from $500 to $700. The price depends on the quality of cat. If you are satisfied with the pet quality, then you can spend a bit less compared to show quality kittens which may cost more than $1000.

Chartreux Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Chartreux are representatives of the Maltese color, so wool shades can vary from light gray to deep blue "Lavender". However, the first option is the most preferred. Kittens can have tabby markings, but eventually they will disappear. Color should be uniform: it is necessary for the coat in to coincide in shade with the undercoat. There is a high density and natural shine. The weight may be from 4 to 7 kilos.

Chartreux Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Despite the high level of adaptability, chartreux is still very fond of consistency, and therefore seek to make their lives orderly and predictable. In this sense, cats are perfect pets: they will not wake you up with loud cries in the bowl with the food at night, and sleep, play and go to the toilet in the places where they will be shown by the owner.

In addition, the Chartreux are smart enough not to get stuck in conflicts with dogs and other fierce creatures. But this does not mean that they are coward. In the battle with the mice and rats, these cats have no equal! Yes, and in a desperate situation, it will find itself alone with the dog, french cat will boldly rushed into the battle.