Abyssinian Cat Temperament and Lifespan

The nature of the Abyssinian cats is affectionate and intelligent. Royal cats are full of self-esteem and it is very affectionate to its owners and generously endows them with deep love. These loyal friends can be your supporters in all matters. Whatever you do, your favorite pet will follow you and try to help in all cases. It will accompany any action with its gentle sweet voice telling you "Mrrr" or "Meow".

Abyssinian cat prefers to sit on an elevation to control the situation, because everything that happens in the house is very interesting for it. It likes watching TV, and if there is something moving - it makes your pet incredibly curious. If you read the book, it will sit as close as possible to the book, and will closely monitor the movements of your eyes. If you write, the cat will touch your pen with its paw.

Your pet will make your life brighter during 9-15 years. If you care about it well, then it can even longer.

How Much Does a Abyssinian Cat Cost and Price Range

The average price for the cat is $500-$700. You should be sure that the breeder has a good reputation because you can't save money choosing this breed of cats as it is really unique. To have the guarantee of buying the pet of good quality you need to buy it from the person who can provide you with the documents.

Abyssinian Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

There are four colors of Abyssinian cats that have been generally recognized: wild, sorrel, blue and fawn. The most common and popular is the wild color. TICA, FIFe and ACF legalized four silver main options for colors, CCCA has approved also chocolate, lilac and silver variants, GCCF added cream and tortoiseshell. As for the cat's size it is not a very large cat with the weight from 5 to 6 kilos.

Abyssinian Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Being very savvy, these beautiful cats are easy to learn and quickly remember the rules of behavior in your home. Despite its activity, with the right upbringing Abyssinian will not sharpen claws on the furniture or jump on the curtains. They have the appearance of wild cats but it is deceptive, its character is very balanced in reality. This is a neat pet which appreciates your attention.

Your pet loves all the inhabitants of the house and makes friends with everyone. But all this is provided in a case of feeling the queen of the house and being the leader. Of course, this should be the queen's own kingdom. It will create it in any room, even in the slightest.

In its "kingdom" Abyssinian will always find something to do. This is a very playful pet, not only kittens are like this. The only thing it is not necessary to teach your pet is to bring a newspaper in the teeth or your slippers. Or to do anything else that can offend its royal dignity. Also it is not recommended to constantly squeeze Abyssinian as pharaoh cats remember their origin.