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Most people who are into a weight loss program have become obsessed with calorie controlled diets. They believe that knowing how much calories is contained in the food they eat will help them in losing weight faster. What they don't know is that they are putting a lot of stress in their weight loss program instead of enjoying eating their food.
For Women
Due to the natural biological differences between men and women, women will require some different tactics than men do to effectively lose weight and improve overall body health.

Is It Alcohol That Causes Weight Gain

Are you working out and eating right, but not losing weight? Do you feel that you are doing everything you are supposed to and still not seeing any weight loss? While this might be the case, there might be a hidden factor preventing you from losing weight. Alcohol might be the culprit.

There are as many reasons for people to drink, as there are people who love to drink. Some people love to enjoy a nice glass of wine to compliment a fine meal. Others enjoy socializing and find that a couple of drinks relax them. The cosmo or margarita not only tastes great, it makes them friendlier.

Wine aids digestion. Drinking red wine has hidden health benefits. These statements are true, but they may make the process of losing fat last longer or worse it could even cause more weight gain.

Many people count calories, and watch carbohydrates. Most people don't know that alcohol converts directly into sugar, which causes insulin levels to rise. This is horrible for losing weight.

There are two hormones that are responsible for fat processing. These two hormones are insulin and glycogon. Almost everybody has heard of insulin in reference to diabetics. What they don't know is that high levels of insulin cause the body to store fat. Glycogon, is a hormone most people have not heard of. Think of it as the reverse of insulin. It makes the body utilize fat rather than sugar. If you have high levels of glycogen then losing body fat will be simple.

Another reason alcohol is bad for weight loss is that most people don't drink straight alcohol. They drink mixed drinks. These drinks generally have a ton of sugar added to them. Soda, juice, and various mixers add calories and sugar to the drink. Where we might be only drink a drink or two, these drinks can reach upwards of several hundred calories. Not a good think if we want to lose weight.

In addition, the fact that alcohol is processed in the body faster should be noted. This is before fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Why is this important? It's important because your body takes the remaining foods and decides to store them as fat and process them later. Stomach fat to be more precise, which is where we get the term beer belly.

I will admit that I do drink from time to time. I am not saying drinking is wrong, just that when you are losing weight drinking should be moderated.


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