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Most people who are into a weight loss program have become obsessed with calorie controlled diets. They believe that knowing how much calories is contained in the food they eat will help them in losing weight faster. What they don't know is that they are putting a lot of stress in their weight loss program instead of enjoying eating their food.
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Due to the natural biological differences between men and women, women will require some different tactics than men do to effectively lose weight and improve overall body health.

Exercising & Weight Loss Go Hand In Hand

Author: Richard A. Flavell

Getting people to exercise presents a real challenge, even though they may have tried every fad diet and wacky alternative method of losing weight in the past.

However, we cannot get away from the fact that exercise has to accompany a proper diet if a person wants to achieve their goals of having an attractive and healthy body. Whilst watching what we eat is essential, exercise is vital partner when dieting. What we take in provides the fuel just as exercise uses that fuel to generate good health and well being.

It has to be said that there really is no need to become a fitness freak. You can start by performing a few stretching exercises for ten minutes followed by a twenty minute brisk walk. Begin by doing this every other day, especially if you are not used to any form of exercise.

Build up your exercise routine slowly because if you move at too fast a pace you will soon lose heart when the exercises prove to be too difficult for you to perform. You really need to avoid any soreness or injury at this point in time as this will only reduce your motivation.

Begin with some weight training using 5lb, 10lb, and then 20lb weights. You will soon get the hang of curls and squats as well as many other simple exercises. Then you can add a jog to your routine, increasing the length of time you run in intervals of ten minutes. When you reach the point where you are running for an hour at a time, you are getting down to some serious working out.

If you can afford to do so, it's a good move to spend some money on equipment to help with your motivation. If you prefer to join a gym to help you with your willpower, then go ahead and do so. The gym staff will also help you to stick to your exercise plan too. However, whether you buy your own kit or attend a gym make sure you are committed in order to get good value for money as far as your investment or membership fees are concerned.

Cardiovascular exercise is a must if you want to lose weight and the best kinds are cycling, running and swimming to name but a few. Muscles can be toned and skin tightened by resistance and weight training exercises. Stretchers, rope and pulley or numerous other pieces equipment can be used to supply the resistance whilst weight machines are perfect for lifting exercises.

Your exercise to lose weight program may not show any obvious signs of weight loss at first. This is because the gain in muscle mass makes up for the loss of fat as far as weight goes. Any early weight loss you do see may be due to water loss more than anything else so don't bother paying much attention to this.

As you become more toned you will notice the other benefits of being fit and healthy apart from having an attractive body. Give yourself a pat on the back about how hard you have worked in order to achieve this feeling of well being. You deserve it!

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